Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flight of Teas! February 4th & 5th

Happy February!! As we transcend into the month of love, our hearts race for the flight of teas that are to come! This weekend, we will be serving Taiping Houkui, Meijawu Lung Ching, and Hunan Aged Green Cake.

This Chinese green, which leaves are stretched out in a special process, reigns from the Yellow Mountains of the Anhui Province. Taiping is full of theanine (an amino acid) giving it more body than other green teas. Taiping Houkui may be light but is packed with vegetal flavors! 

Being made in Late March, Meijiawu Lung Ching is an excellent Chinese green that creates a light brew with a nut-like flavor and aroma. This tea is a very commonly enjoyed green with its non-overpowering tastes. 

Hunan Aged Green Cake is a 7 year compressed tea from China. Though it does look like a Puerh and goes through the same processes like fermentation, the Aged Green Cake does not develop those earthy notes that we know and love. It actually develops a nice mellow, fruity aroma and flavor that is unique and fantastic. Perfect to try for the first time or a new take for the Puerh fan, Hunan Aged Green Cake can be re-brewed several times.

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