Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 31st & April 1st!

Hello again, tea drinkers! This weekend we will be debuting a very special new tea alongside two of our favorites. Our flight of teas for the weekend will be Queen Catherine, our new Titanic tea, and Soho Blend. We have picked these three teas in particular in celebration of the Titanic's 100th year anniversary: Our SoHo tea because New York was the destination of the Titanic, while Queen Catherine represents the port of registry. Come celebrate, remember, and honor the Titanic and its voyage with us this weekend!

This blend, a combination of three Chinese black teas, was created in honor of Queen Catherine of Braganza, who introduced her love of tea to the British. Queen Catherine is featured in the Museum of Tea in Hangzhou, China, making us the only Western tea with this honor. This black tea creates a lovely medium bodied brew, perfect for the afternoon.

This special blend was created as a tribute to the tragedy of the sinking of the most famous ship in the world. Our Titanic Tea is a blend of Chinese Keemun, Indian Assam & Ceylon, and Formosa oolong. In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the tragedy of the Titanic, with encouragement from PH Nargeolet, Chief Excavator in the first discoveries of the Titanic, Harney & Sons is proud to debut this tea that would be loved by so many in that era.

SoHo Blend was created in honor of our new shop in Manhattan, blended by Emeric Harney (the general manager.) This flavored black tea has wonderful notes of coconut, chocolate, and vanilla while its decorated with Amaranth flower pedals. A wonderful choice for a dessert tea, SoHo Blend has become a fast favorite.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 24th & 25th

Hello tea drinkers, though last weekend our taste buds ventured to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, this weekend let your palette travel to the Fujian Province in China with our Panyang black teas. We will be featuring a flight of Panyang Golden Tips, Panyang Golden Needle, and Panyang Congou.

This medium-bodied black tea has gentle honey notes with a smooth finish. Panyang Golden Tips is 100% golden tips, coming from Northern Fujian. It is different than last year's version due to weather problems, making the overall brew less sweet than the last. Though Panyang Golden Tips may be less sweet than before, it still a delicious top black tea to try!

Panyang Golden Needle is a heavier brew with a unique look. The leaves are straightened out and have a shine due to a rolling process involving the tips of gold. Panyang Golden Needle has cooked honey flavors and a stronger bite to it.

Made in the Northern Fujian Province, (like our Golden Monkey and Panyang Golden Tips,) Panyang Congou creates a toasty brew with a medium body. Though it is made in the same area as the golden teas, Panyang Congou is created in a more traditional style with less tips and is slightly older. Expertly crafted, the leaves are rolled into a twist before slowly oxidizing, creating a flavor reminiscent of baked apples.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 17th & 18th

Hello tea lovers, this weekend is the Irish holiday, St. Patricks Day! This weekend, we are celebrating the luck of the Irish with a themed flight: Sencha Scent of Mountains, Malachi McCormick, and Irish Breakfast.

In Irish traditions, Croagh Patrick is a mountain that has been recognized as a place of Christian Pilgrimage for centuries. According to Christian tradition, St. Patrick went up the sacred mountain at festival time in 441 AD. After fasting at the summit for 40 days, he banished all the snakes and demons from Ireland. We chose Sencha Scent of Mountains not only for its name in parellel with the traditional tale, but also for its holiday green color! This Japanese green comes from one of the highest growing spots in Japan, where the temperature is cooler and foggier. Because of this, the tea grows slower, creating an intensely delicious vegetal brew. Scent of Mountains is a staff favorite Sencha green.

This blend was created in honor of the Irish tea writer, Malachi McCormick. His out-of-print book, "A Decent Cup of Tea" went over the difficulty in finding a good brewed tea at hotels. Malachi McCormick is a blend of Chinese Keemun and Assam, creating a strong medium-bodied brew that is perfect for the black tea lover.

Like most traditional Irish blends, our Irish Breakfast is 100% Assam. This black tea takes milk and sugar well, and is an excellent way to start the morning! What would St. Patrick's Day be without some Irish Breakfast in the morn'?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 10th & 11th

Hello again tea drinkers! This weekend we will be featuring a flight of teas that pleases the taste buds: Anji Baicha, Dooteriah Darjeeling, and Nahorhabi Full Assam. Come by this weekend to indulge, and don't forget Daylight Savings on Sunday night! Springing forward....

This Chinese green tea creates a lighter brew that is packed with flavor. With notes of citrus along with an aroma and flavor of asparagus, Anji Baicha is an excellent choice for those looking for a perfect balance of body and taste. *This weekend, Anji Baicha will be 25% off!

Dooteriah Darjeeling is a classic Autumnal Darjeeling, also known as a Third Flush, reigning from the East Valley region. Once the summer rains have come and passed and the cooler weather begins,  Dooteriah is picked, brewing a lighter body with stoned fruit undertones.

This full-leaf Assam has a lovely malty brew with cooked honey aromas. Though Nahorhabi and our other Assam, Mangalam were both picked from the same place, Nahorhabi tends to have a lighter brew of the Assams.