Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flight of Teas! December 3rd & 4th!

As we transcend from fall to winter, saying goodbye to November and giving warm welcomes to December and the holiday season, we are serving a flight of roasted-flavor teas to celebrate. Reminiscent of Grandmother's fire place or roasting chestnuts, our flight of teas will warm any cold soul this season! We will be serving Hojicha, Lapsang #1, & Soba Roasted Buckwheat.

Being a favorite beverage in Japan, Hojicha is roasted tea stalks that create a smooth,  light-bodied brew. Hojicha's toasty flavors are complimenting of any palatte, and one could even consider this to replace their morning beverage.

An early season Lapsang Souchong, Lapsang #1 is one of our newest editions to our tea collection. The leaves themselves are smoked over pine fires (a traditional way of creating Lapsang Souchong,) and come from the Wuyi Mountains. A lighter smoky flavor than the typical Lapsang, #1 is an excellent black tea, especially for this time of year.

Soba Roasted Buckwheat is an herbal that goes against the grain (no pun intended!) With its lovely toasty flavor and hint of sweetness at the end of each sip, this caffeine-free beverage is not only unique but a flavor that many enjoy, like Brigitte Harney!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flight of Teas! November 26th & 27th!

It's the weekend where tea-aholics meet shopaholics! Post Black Friday, we are celebrating the official start of the holiday season with our classic favorites, alongside a brand new blend! This weekend, indulge in our White Christmas, Holiday, and *new* SoHo Blend!

With its sweet and nutty flavor, White Christmas can put anyone in the holiday spirit. Our hand-picked white tea is blended with vanilla, almonds, cardamon and accented with white chamomile flowers. A must-have for Christmas morning, this blend will not only compliment any Christmas cookie, but also take your taste buds on a sleigh ride!

This black tea blend of citrus, spice, and almond is a classic that can't be forgotten this season. Holiday tea reminds us of our mother's baking for Santa Claus and can even be reminiscent of the holiday wreaths hung on the fire mantle. Sweet with a hint of spice, Holiday tea is the perfect gift for those you love, or even a sweet treat for yourself. 

Introducing our brand new Soho Blend! In honor of our SoHo shop, just passing its one year anniversary last Wednesday, Emeric Harney (our store manager) has created the ultimate dessert tea to entice the taste buds of our favorite neighborhood. Black tea with chocolate, coconut, and vanilla, we are proud to present our newest creation in honor of our newest location!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flight of Teas! November 19th & 20th!

Attention tea drinkers! This weekend we are featuring a flight of teas that will entice your taste buds! We will be serving Li Shan, Kagoshima, and Hao Ya "A."

Being one of Taiwan's highest mountain teas, Li Shan is an oolong that battles colder climates with snow and mists. Because of this, the brew has an aroma that is creamy and vegetal with delicate flavors of honey. Not only is Li Shan light and refreshing, its leaves can also be re-steeped, for multiple, enjoyable brews!

One of the top Sencha's from southern Japan, Kagoshima has a mouth-filling flavor that is vegetal, sweet, and bitter. Its brew almost resembles a yellow color, while the tea itself  is light. For green tea lovers and newcomers, Kagoshima will definitely spark the palette! 

Hao Ya 'A' is the one of our most intense Chinese Keemun teas, filled with toasty flavors and notes of chocolate. Not too heavy in body, this Keemun is the perfect black tea to start your morning or enjoy in the afternoon. A trip to the city of Keemun was a highlight of Mike Harney's trip, as he was there for the start of the Hao Ya 'A' season.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flight of New Teas! November 12th & 13th

This weekend we are introducing some exquisite teas at the tasting bar! Our flight this weekend welcomes our new Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling, Satisphur Broken Assam, & Guayusa.

In the Singbulli estate, located way up high in the hills of Darjeeling, comes an experiment tea that is rather unique! Light in body, Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling carries aroma and has toasty flavors with stoned fruit undertones.

Coming from a garden we rarely get to see (due to production mostly heading to Japan,) comes a dark tea that is rich in honey and malt flavor from Satisphur (northeastern Assam.) Satisphur Broken Assam is one of our newest teas, having a nice kick in briskness and body.

A traditional Ecuadorean beverage, Guayusa is like Yerba Mate, containing many antioxidants and levels of caffeine, though not technically a "tea." Recently introduced to the United States, this South American brew holds a nice grainy and vegetal flavor.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flight of Green Teas! November 5th & 6th

Even though everyone is seeing white from the snowstorm that passed last Saturday, here at the shop we are seeing green! Come by this weekend to try our Green Tea Flight: Taiping Houkui, Anji Baicha, and Matsuda's Sencha. 

Made in the Yellow mountains of the Anhui Province, Taiping Houkui goes through a special process that actually stretches its leaves out. The leaves, bright with a green color have a heavier body than other greens due to its level of Theanine (an amino acid.) 

Anji Baicha is booming with flavors of asparagus and citrus notes. This tea is intriguing because the word "Baicha" refers to a special tea plant to make this tea, and the first couple of leaves are whiter than the norm. While there may be less chlorophyll in the younger leaves, this Chinese green from Zhejiang holds a strong green flavor!

Being Mike Harney's favorite Japanese tea, Matsuda's Sencha will not disappoint anyone's taste buds.  With an intense kick of vegetal and grassy, even the aristocrats of Japan enjoy this specific Sencha.