Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flight of Sweet Teas! October 29th & 30th!

Hello again tea drinkers! Hope you are all staying warm and drinking lots of tea during these cold days! On the eve weekend of Halloween, we are saying adiéu to October with a flight of teas your palette will love: Green Hot Cinnamon, Apple Cinnamon, & Thai Rooibos.

This green tea is a version of our number one seller, Hot Cinnamon Spice. Green Hot Cinnamon is a blend of Chinese green teas and three types of cinnamon. Though it is lighter in body, Green Hot Cinnamon still delivers that kick of spice many have grown to obsess over with our cinnamon teas!

Created by our shop's very own Emeric Harney, Apple Cinnamon has flavors that transport you to the crisp season of Fall in New England. A perfect combination of sweet and spicy, Apple Cinnamon is the tea to brew during this time of year.

One of our newest teas, Thai Rooibos is an herbal blend that isn't necessarily meant for calming down. With a combination of cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, and coconut, this non-caffeinated delight has a sweet cinnamon aroma and a flavor somewhat reminiscent of our famous Bangkok tea.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flight of Teas October 22nd & 23rd!

Hello all tea fans! This weekend have your palette indulge in a mix of toasty and fruity with our flight of teas! Formosa, Fanciest Formosa, and our *new* Fruits d'Alsace!

Formosa Oolong is a brown Taiwanese oolong that has been enjoyed by many generations. Though the tea itself may have a lot of stems, the toasty flavor can't be ignored when drinking this tea.

A defensive tea, Fanciest Formosa 's leaves actually produce a compound that protects itself from attack! The great part of it is, this compound is peachy and flavorful, making this tea not only tough but delicious. Said to be of the most preferred Oolongs of the bunch, Fanciest Formosa will not disappoint in aroma and flavor.

One of our newest teas, Fruits d' Alsace, is a dessert tea inspired by Chef Jean Joho, who specializes in Alsatian cuisine. With smooth and rich flavors of the fruit teas of that region in France (plums, apricots, and cherries) this tea not only is aromatic but also très bonbon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flight of Teas! October 15th & 16th

Hello tea drinkers! This weekend our tasting bar is getting a toasted twist! We are featuring a flight of teas that have a common toasty, smoky flavor: Hojicha, Gunpowder Green, and our new Lapsang #1.

A favorite beverage in Japan, Hojicha is a good alternative to your morning routine drink! Its roasted tea stalks leave an aromatic roasted flavor along with a fulfilling taste.

Gunpowder Green comes from the Zhejiang Province in China. The leaves are rolled into balls that are leaden in color, looking just like gun pellets! Having a slight smoky flavor, Gunpowder Green is an enjoyable tea, especially this time of year!

One of our newer teas, Lapsang #1, is an early season Lapsang Souchong that has a sweeter taste than the original. It is still smoked in the traditional way over pine fires in the Wuyi Mountains, and is a definite must have for tea lovers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flight of Teas! October 8th & 9th

Listen up tea lovers, this weekend we are sampling an amazing flight of Oolong teas!
Ti Quan Yin, Fenghuang Shuixan, & Wuyi Cassia.

Ti Quan Yin is a lightly oxidized oolong that comes from Anxi in the Fujian Province of China. This tea holds wonderful floral notes, with hints of fruit as well. Moderately priced, Ti Quan Yin's rolled green leaves can be re-steeped several times! Enjoy this tea for an "oolong" time! 

This oolong has large brown leaves that are twisted with hints of russet. Fenghuang Shuixian has an intense peach flavor with a hint of spice and has become one of the most recommended Oolongs at the shop!

Wuyi Cassia, a cliff tea (Yancha) oolong grows in the Wu Yi mountains in the Northern Fujian province. Cassia translates to cinnamon, but don't be fooled  by the name! With the oolong's tight stripe shape and black bloom color, the brewed tea, itself a bright orange color, has toasty, complex flavors.