Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 3rd & 4th

Happy March, tea drinkers! This weekend we are getting into the spring of things. We are as anxious as many for the beautiful spring weather, so let's get into the spirit this weekend with our flight of Jane's Garden, Chinese Flower, and Mother's Bouquet.

Gardens are an inspiration in the ways of growth, renewal, and vitality. There is also much love and care that can go into the most beautiful of gardens. Jane's Garden tea was created in memory of beloved family friend and gardner, Jane Lloyd. The tea was blended to show love and care to Jane during her battle with breast cancer. This Japanese green tea based blend accented with rose pedals is a delicate yet delightful brew that can be enjoyed on the perfect spring day. One dollar of the sales of the loose leaf tins and 20 count sachet tins will be shared by the Jane Lloyd fund and the National Breast Cancer foundation.

This green tea blend is not only enjoyable to the eye but also to the palette. Chinese Flower is a blend of Chinese greens and three different types of flowers (cornflowers, lavender, and rose pedals.) Accented with a hint of citrus, Chinese Flower is a lighter brew that refreshes and calms. 

This caffeine-free herbal is in honor of all mothers, not just to be celebrated one day a year! In this blend there are rosebuds, chamomile, cornflowers, and orange peel. The orange peel adds a citrus finish to this light brew. One of our more popular herbal blends, Mother's Bouquet is an excellent herbal to welcome in the new spring. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flight of Teas! February 25th & 26th

Tea drinkers, February isn't called the month of love just because of Valentine's Day, it is also the official Wedding month! We are appreciating those special "I Do's" this weekend with our wedding-themed flight of teas. Come try Wedding, Royal Wedding, and Anniversary blend.

Wedding tea is our delicate yet flavorful brew of Mutan White, lemon and vanilla flavors. Kissed with a hint of rose, this blend is the perfect cup to celebrate new beginnings at any ceremony, or to just enjoy in the afternoon. To new beginnings or simply reminiscing of them, sip on Wedding and enjoy the sweet flavors that aren't too overpowering.

In honor of the famous wedding that happened last April, the Historic Royal Palaces commissioned us to create a blend to celebrate the happy occasion. Royal Wedding is a blend of Mutan white tea, almond, coconut, vanilla, and pink rosebuds. Also blended with marigold petals and cornflowers, Royal Wedding's flavors take your taste buds to a place of classical romance. 

*The Royal Wedding tea does differ than the Wedding tea, containing almond and coconut extracts. 

Taking a twist on the classic Ceylon & India blend, Anniversary is a combination of silvery Ceylon and golden Assam, with accents of Ceylon Silver Tips and Assam Golden Tips. Created in honor of the Harney & Sons 25th Anniversary, this black tea is perfect to help you celebrate your special day year after year. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flight of Teas! February 18th & 19th

This weekend, we are celebrating African teas again! Emeric Harney has returned from his journey to Africa; we want all of our tea fans to have a taste of his experience with us! We will be serving Livingstonia, Kenya Milima, & Organic Rooibos.

This tea, picked from Tanzania, is named after famous explorer David Livingstone. Livingstonia is a full leaf tea that has body and aroma similar to high grown Ceylon. Its brew is light and lovely; perfect for those tea drinkers who would prefer a less bitter black tea.

Being Africa's most elegant tea, Kenya Milima has large leaves that are full of golden tips. This black tea is also a lighter brew, but has a flavor that is reminiscent of an Assam. Mellow yet awakening, Kenya Milima can be enjoyed in the morning or the afternoon, appreciated by those who don't want the strongest cup, but the still the best.

A popular herbal, Rooibos contains no caffeine naturally. Its name translates to "Red Bush," coming from South Africa. Creating a beautiful red-colored brew, the flavor ends with a slight sweet note. Rooibos is said to contain health properties, but should be consumed just on how smooth its flavor is. We use Rooibos as the base of our popular Herbal Blends such as Herbal Hot Cinnamon and Herbal Holiday.

Emeric standing in front of a tea estate.

Endless amounts of tea!

Gisovu Tea Estate in Rwanda