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Friday, November 16, 2012

Flight of Teas! November 17th & November 18th

The holiday season has begun, tea fans! This weekend, as you and your loved ones are planning your Thanksgiving festivities, don’t forget the most important part-the tea! Stop by our tasting bar to sample a flight of teas selected to compliment your Turkey Day turkey & garnishes. This weekend we are serving Genmaicha, Earl Grey Supreme, and Pumpkin Spice.

Genmaicha, a Japanese green tea, is a favorite amongst tea enthusiasts. During the process of the green leaves drying, rice kernels are added. The kernels tend to get crispy and some burst open, creating the white puffed rice that is noticeable in the blend. With a lighter body, Genmaicha has a toasted flavor. Brew this tea to be served with appetizers that are more sweet than savory to create a complimenting balance for the taste buds.

For the Earl Grey lover, this blend is truly exceptional. Earl Grey Supreme is blended with a higher grade tea base, a good amount of Bergamot, and  Silver Tips. With the Bergamot adding a citrus kick, the bold body and overall brew are perfect for an after-dinner slice of pie or fruit platter.

Introducing one of our newest  blends, Pumpkin Spice! Based with Rooibos Herbal, we blend pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to create a seasonal favorite. Because this is herbal (no caffeine), one can enjoy this sweet and spicy tea any time of the day! Bring out this blend with desserts to end your wonderful celebration.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Flight of Teas! November 10th and November 11th

Emeric Harney, our GM and third generation-Harney, has returned from an inspiring trip to Japan. In excitement over his return, we are celebrating with a flight of teas inspired by his journey! Come try our green flight of Matsuda's Sencha, Kukicha, and Tokyo Blend. 

Matsuda's Sencha embraces everything a cup of green tea should be: rich aroma, flavor, and history. A great tea man, Matsuda-san, and his family's hard work come through with the perfect picked leaves of this Japanese tea.

Though green teas are typically know for their caffeine-levels, Kukicha is lower in caffeine due to its leaves being the stalks, which carry less in regards to the brewed leaves. With a mellow flavor, this tea has created a large fan-base, providing a gentler vegetal flavor and yellow body that tea drinkers indulge in.

We take our classic Bancha tea and add flavors inspired by Japan's capital city, Tokyo. With toasted sesame seeds and caramel, this light-bodied brew is reminiscent of some of the most exquisite desserts Japan has to offer. 

Roppongi Hills Dean & DeLuca Tasting Event

Matsuda's Garden

Japanese tea masters Tsuyoshi-san and Matsuda-san.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Flight of Teas! November 3rd & November 4th

We are open as of today, Saturday November 3rd, post-Sandy turmoil! We hope that all New Yorkers & New Jersey-ans are recovering well and we would love to share some hot tea with all of you at our tasting bar and cafe. Though we have limited food items to serve today in the cafe, we promise the best of tea to be had! Our flight for the weekend is Winter White Earl Grey, Green Hot Cinnamon, and African Autumn. 

Taking our classic Chinese Mutan White and blending it with refreshing lemony Bergomot, Winter White Earl Grey is a play on the traditional black Earl Grey. Its lighter body and brew compliment any sweet foods or sweet moments!

One of our newer versions of our top selling Hot Cinnamon Spice, this green tea blend is sweet, spicy, and has a lot of caffeine! Get your dose of antioxidants and fix your sweet cravings with Green Hot Cinnamon

Though almost all the leaves have fallen and winter is on the horizon, African Autumn is the perfect blend for that citrus kick complimented with cranberries. It is Rooibos based, making it an herbal blend, so don't be afraid to enjoy cup after cup late into these crisp evenings.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flight of Teas! October 27th & October 28th

It seems like time is flying this Fall season, but we are now more than ever in the mood for a hot cup of tea! This weekend we are sampling some store favorites: Scent of Mountains Sencha, Golden Monkey, and Soba Roasted Buckwheat.

Sencha Scent of Mountains is one of the most popular Japanese greens our store provides. It has a strong vegetal aroma and flavor that matches it's bright green brew. Its medium body carries the flavors of spinach and grassy notes, while there's a hint of sweet flavor at the end. An instant favorite and necessity for green tea drinkers.

Because of the golden tips woven into its leaves, Golden Monkey produces a smooth cup of black tea. Coming from the Fujian Province in northern China, the body of the black tea isn't too heavy with notes of honey to compliment its brew. An alternative for the breakfast tea drinker, Golden Monkey is an excellent brewed tea, alone or with a little milk.

There is nothing better than a cup of Soba Roasted Buckwheat on a chilly Fall night. Its toasty, warm flavor is satisfying and settling. A benefit is that this herbal has no caffeine! Enjoy this cup as late into the cold night as you desire. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flight of Teas! October 20th & October 21st

Fall is a season of flavors. Flavors that are warm like cinnamon spices or toasty like nuts and grains. For this weekend, we are embracing these flavors within our flight. We will be pouring Apple Cinnamon, Matcha iri Genmaicha, and our new Pumpkin Spice blend.

Reminiscent of a New England Fall, Apple Cinnamon is black tea blend that warms the soul with its flavors of sweet red apples and cinnamon. Blended by Emeric Harney, it is a tea that fits the mood after apple-picking or taking a stroll to admire the foliage.

Matcha iri Genmaicha is a Bancha-based Japanese green tea blend. It is a blended with roasted brown rice and Matcha powder (a green tea powder that can be expensive and is part of tradition in Japan.) It is a convenient way to get a dose of Matcha, while enjoying a toasty aroma & vegetal flavor. Perfect for that crisp Fall morning when getting a serving of caffeine, antioxidants, and flavor!

Introducing our new Pumpkin Spice blend! A Rooibos-based blend flavored with pumpkin, sweet clove, and nutmeg. When brewed, the aroma is sweet like pumpkin pie, but the flavor is mellow and just the right amount of spice to warm the soul on those cold October nights. Enjoy our new caffeine-free blend, currently available in 20 count sachets.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flight of Teas! October 13th & October 14th

Hey all! This weekend we are offering a sale on our two of our teas featured in the flight. Come in and sample our Luan Guapian, Dong Ding Dark, and Top Chingwo Congou.

Considered in the Chinese culture as one of the top ten green teas, Luan Guapian comes to us from the Anhui Province. Brewing a lighter body, its mellow vegetal notes make it a tea to appreciate.

An oolong finished with a charcoal roast, Dong Ding Dark has a unique smokiness that is quite different from that of teas such as Da Hong Pao and Lapsang Souchong.  As the name would suggest, this oolong lies within the darker part of the oolong tea spectrum. With a brew on the lighter side, oolong-lovers & novices alike will love the aroma and essence Dong Ding Dark provides.

*On sale this weekend- $15.00 per tin.

Coming from the northern Fujian Province from a neighboring town near Panyang,  Top Chingwo Congou is an excellent black tea. Its strong body with a hint of fruit makes for a fast favorite amongst black tea drinkers. 

*On sale this weekend- $20.00 per tin