Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flight of Teas! October 27th & October 28th

It seems like time is flying this Fall season, but we are now more than ever in the mood for a hot cup of tea! This weekend we are sampling some store favorites: Scent of Mountains Sencha, Golden Monkey, and Soba Roasted Buckwheat.

Sencha Scent of Mountains is one of the most popular Japanese greens our store provides. It has a strong vegetal aroma and flavor that matches it's bright green brew. Its medium body carries the flavors of spinach and grassy notes, while there's a hint of sweet flavor at the end. An instant favorite and necessity for green tea drinkers.

Because of the golden tips woven into its leaves, Golden Monkey produces a smooth cup of black tea. Coming from the Fujian Province in northern China, the body of the black tea isn't too heavy with notes of honey to compliment its brew. An alternative for the breakfast tea drinker, Golden Monkey is an excellent brewed tea, alone or with a little milk.

There is nothing better than a cup of Soba Roasted Buckwheat on a chilly Fall night. Its toasty, warm flavor is satisfying and settling. A benefit is that this herbal has no caffeine! Enjoy this cup as late into the cold night as you desire. 

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