Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flight of Teas! Labor Day weekend September 3rd & 4th!

Hello all! This Labor Day weekend we are bringing you a lovely flight of teas including Bai Hao Oolong, Da Hong Pao, and Namring Upper First Flush Darjeeling.

Filled with stone fruit aromas, Bai Hao is a dark Taiwanese oolong that is similar to our Fanciest Formosa but has more body. Though its leaves are dark, there is no charcoal flavor masking the fruity aromas!

Da Hong Pao has 40% oxidized leaves (very highly oxidized!) which are large in size. This oolong is from China's Wuyi Mountains, carrying a tempting toasty flavor with hints of stone fruit. Being able to be re-steeped several times, Da Hong Pao is not only a wonderful dark oolong but a practical one!

Namring First Flush Darjeeling has a light body but a strong fragrance. Coming from a huge tea estate, this tea is holds a transporting flavor that will be a delight to any fan or newcomer to Darjeelings.

**This Saturday, September 3rd we will be having our 2nd Ice Cream Social! Try a tea ice cream milkshake, float, or cone all priced at $2.00! We carry Chai, Earl Grey, & Matcha flavored ice cream. 4:00-7:00 PM

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Golden Flight of Teas! August 20th & 21st

This weekend, we are celebrating the arrival of two new teas, along with a favorite- all reigning Gold! Hunan Golden Twist, Golden Monkey, and Panyang Golden Tips.  Sorry for the lack of photos as we update our photo database!

Hunan Golden Twist is brand new for us.  Mike & Emeric were lucky enough to find this on their trip to Hunan this past spring.  With its big leaves and golden tips, it brews a round cup of tea that's surprisingly malty!

Golden Monkey is back!  The new crop arrived just last week!  It is a Chinese black tea with gold woven into it. Coming from China's Fujian province, these large black leaves produce a lovely round cup of tea with notes of honey and also cocoa.

Being 100% golden tips from Panyang, (located in Northern Fujian, China) Panyang Golden Tips also holds honey notes as well a medium body.   More exquisite than last years crop, it has a bolder cup with notes of sweet grains and raisins.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Light Flight of Teas! August 13th & 14th

This weekend, we are introducing some of our new teas received for 2011. We are calling it a "light flight" because all three teas are lighter in color and overall taste. White Fairy, Junshan Yinzhen, and Li Shan may all be lighter, but are still very delicious!

White Fairy is brand new tea at Harney & Sons!  A spring tea sourced from Hunan, it's a delicious white tea, fuller in body than most with a delicious sweetness to it.  Like Mutan White, it's a combination of buds and leaves.  It certainly gives our other teas a run for their money as number one white!

Junshan Yinzhen is a yellow tea, one of China's most famous. Through a secret process (only slightly revealed to us!) the buds have been yellowed, which makes the liquor of the tea a little more mellow than green teas. The steps in brewing are different than your usual brew- pour the hot water first and then add the leaves and watch as they sink to the bottom! With a mellowed but enjoyable taste, it is no wonder Junshan Yinzhen is so popular.

Being one of Taiwan's highest mountain teas, Li Shan constantly battles cold weather with mists and even sometimes snow. This tea can be re-steeped; you can repeatedly enjoy an echoing flavor of honey and cream.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flight of Unique Iced Teas! August 6th & 7th

Hello all! It is officially August and the iced tea keeps on pouring here at the shop. This weekend, we are serving a unique flight of iced teas- Sencha Scent of Mountains, Da Hong Pao, and Namring First Flush.

Sencha Scent of Mountains, a staff favorite, comes from a village named Kawane. Being one of the highest tea growing spots in Japan, the temperature is cooler and the air is foggier. Thus being so, the tea grows slower, allowing a delicious vegetal aroma and taste.

The leaves of Da Hong Pao are large in size and can be re-brewed several times. Reigning from the Wuyi mountains of the Fujian province, it possesses a warm and toasty flavor along with cooked fruit notes.

Namring First Flush 2011, with its light body and aromas of citrus and fruits, is a simply delightful tea. This Darjeeling is picked in the early spring, the first picking season of the year (that's a first flush!) Once tasting, you will appreciate the lightness and the sweetness this quality tea delivers.