Friday, August 19, 2011

A Golden Flight of Teas! August 20th & 21st

This weekend, we are celebrating the arrival of two new teas, along with a favorite- all reigning Gold! Hunan Golden Twist, Golden Monkey, and Panyang Golden Tips.  Sorry for the lack of photos as we update our photo database!

Hunan Golden Twist is brand new for us.  Mike & Emeric were lucky enough to find this on their trip to Hunan this past spring.  With its big leaves and golden tips, it brews a round cup of tea that's surprisingly malty!

Golden Monkey is back!  The new crop arrived just last week!  It is a Chinese black tea with gold woven into it. Coming from China's Fujian province, these large black leaves produce a lovely round cup of tea with notes of honey and also cocoa.

Being 100% golden tips from Panyang, (located in Northern Fujian, China) Panyang Golden Tips also holds honey notes as well a medium body.   More exquisite than last years crop, it has a bolder cup with notes of sweet grains and raisins.

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