Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flight of Unique Iced Teas! August 6th & 7th

Hello all! It is officially August and the iced tea keeps on pouring here at the shop. This weekend, we are serving a unique flight of iced teas- Sencha Scent of Mountains, Da Hong Pao, and Namring First Flush.

Sencha Scent of Mountains, a staff favorite, comes from a village named Kawane. Being one of the highest tea growing spots in Japan, the temperature is cooler and the air is foggier. Thus being so, the tea grows slower, allowing a delicious vegetal aroma and taste.

The leaves of Da Hong Pao are large in size and can be re-brewed several times. Reigning from the Wuyi mountains of the Fujian province, it possesses a warm and toasty flavor along with cooked fruit notes.

Namring First Flush 2011, with its light body and aromas of citrus and fruits, is a simply delightful tea. This Darjeeling is picked in the early spring, the first picking season of the year (that's a first flush!) Once tasting, you will appreciate the lightness and the sweetness this quality tea delivers.

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