Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organic Flight of Iced Teas! July 30th & 31st

We hope you are enjoying these summer days! We want the sun to keep shining and the tea to keep pouring! This weekend, we are again featuring three iced teas. Organic Green with Mint, Organic Earl Grey, and Organic Passion Plum.

Organic Green with Mint is a smooth and refreshing Chinese green. The full leaf organic tea leaves are blended with a touch of peppermint picked from Oregon! Having a clean, crisp taste, this tea is perfect to cleanse the palette after a meal or to start the day!

Originally a blend from China, Earl Grey was given as a gift to the Prime Minister of Britain.  Our Organic Earl Grey is a blend of Indian black teas and natural Oil of Bergamot. The traditional tea is a thirst quencher when iced and with the smoothness of the black tea tied with the lemony kick of Bergamot, Organic Earl Grey will always be requested.

Organic Passion Plum has characteristics that will make your taste buds tingle! Containing American Ginseng, this herbal holds benefits along with a tart, rich flavor. Ginseng is said to help with anti-aging and lowering cholesterol. Help your body and your palette with this kick of a tea.

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