Friday, July 8, 2011

Flight of Summer Arrivals! July 9th and 10th

This weekend stop by to sample the flight of some of our new summer arrivals! 
Wuyi Cassia, Wild Wuyi, and Dooteriah.

Wuyi Cassia, a cliff tea (Yancha) oolong grows in the Wu Yi mountains in northern Fujian province. Cassia translates to cinnamon, but don't be fooled  by the name! With the oolong's tight stripe shape and black bloom color, the brewed tea, itself a bright orange color, has toasty, complex flavors.

In the Wu Yi mountains, Wild Wuyi is planted at 1600 meters above sea level. This black tea, with its mellow aroma and fresh taste, faces climates of clouds and fogs throughout the whole year. Brewing a beautiful bright red, Wild Wuyi will become your new favorite black tea.

After summer showers in the mountain regions of Darjeeling, the weather cools while tea plants begin to flush again. Dooteriah, a classic Autumnal tea, comes from the East Valley region Dooteriah garden. Tasting light with notes of stone fruit, this classic third flush is a fabulous addition to our Darjeelings.

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