Friday, July 15, 2011

Flight of Iced Teas! July 16th and 17th

This weekend we are cooling down with a flight of our popular iced teas: Organic Green Tea, Decaf Passion Fruit, & Raspberry Herbal.

With an invigorating kick of citrus flavor, Organic Green with Citrus & Gingko is hand picked tea from Southern India. Not only does it refresh but it is beneficial. Gingko has been said to better memory and increase blood flow through the body, while green tea is full of antioxidants. For health benefits or for taste, this tea brewed hot or cold will satisfy that summer quench you're looking for.

Decaffeinated, handpicked Ceylon is blended with tropical flavors to create Decaf Passion Fruit tea. The juicy and sweet flavors make this tea blend ever so popular this time of year! Have it over ice, garnished with lemon or enjoy it by itself and let your palette transport you to a tropical, flavorful place.

Raspberry Herbal, a tisane (which is the more accurate term because most herbal "teas" by definition contain no actual leaves from the tea bush,) is tart and succulent. It contains no caffeine naturally, and is blended with rose hips and hibiscus. The color of the brew is a dark rose, and the tea leaves are a beauty themselves!

Join us for an afternoon of tea and cheese with cheesemonger Carlos Yescas on Thursday, July 21st!  We'll be offering both of our tea cheeses and pairing tea with other two artisanal cheeses that Mr. Yescas will be bringing with him.  Swing by between 5-7 to discuss tea and cheese before dinner!

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