Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flight of Iced Teas! July 23rd and 24th

With the weather reaching the high 90's this weekend, we are taking advantage of all the delicious flavors we have for iced tea brewing! This Saturday and Sunday, quench your thirst by trying our iced Bangkok, Pomegranate Oolong, and Organic Plain.

Being one of our most popular green tea blends, Bangkok,( also know as Green Tea w/ Thai Flavors,) has a Bancha tea base with lemongrass, vanilla, ginger and coconut. When these aromatic flavors come together, not only is the scent reminiscent of Thai cooking. Let your taste buds travel with this exotic tea!

With the spring floral oolong Ti Quan Yin as its base tea, Pomegranate Oolong is an excellent choice for a summer iced beverage. The full leaves of Ti Quan Yin infused with the juicy pomegranate create a fascinating blend hot or cold. Switch up your favorite summertime beverage this summer to something a little more tangy and unique!

Organic Plain is a hand-picked, full leaf black tea from China. While a very simple tea, Organic Plain has a sweet taste and is rich in body. While all around enjoyable, garnish this black tea with lemon or a natural sweetener like Agave; take simplicity to a whole other level.

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