Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flight of Teas! May 28th, 29th: Great Iced Teas!

(all teas will be served iced) 

As June is right around the corner and many start to head outside for picnic season, don't forget that no summer festivity is complete without a good batch of iced tea!

Lemony Gunpowder Lemony gunpowder is a smoky Chinese flavored green tea, a really great mix between smokiness and a light citrus sweetness This is a popular flavored green tea. The base for this one is a traditional Gunpowder green with a hint of lemon added to brighten the flavor.

NEW!  Golden Snail is a terrific Chinese black tea from the Hubei Province.  It has curls of dark and gold tea leaves, thus reminding one of snails. We can assure you that no snails are used or hurt with this tea. The dark cocoa and sweet flavors bring to mind chocolate. Golden Snail is already a hit, so we invite you to try this newcomer to the Harney line-up.

Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice is a black tea flavored with cinnamon and sweet clove. This is one of our most popular teas, as it is full of flavor and natural sweetness. A medium bold-bodied Decaf tea loaded with sweet and spicy flavors. Perhaps you know someone who is drinking a bit too much of our Hot Cinnamon Spice, and you think they need to cut down on their caffeine. Give this a try!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flight of Teas! May 21st & 22nd: Bring in the Flowers!

In honor of the spring rains we've been getting, we wanted to share with you some of our floral teas, in anticipation of the flowers that are popping up!

Chinese Flower is a Green Tea with Flowers and Lemon. A reinvigoration of the senses. Flawlessly blended of hand plucked Chinese green tea, three types of flowers and citrus flavors, Chinese Flower yields the most high-caliber tea experience. A synergy between tea, flower and fruit, every part gorgeously synchronized - crisp citrus aroma that bursts and floral notes that woo, Chinese Flower grasps the sensations. It is a rare jewel in the teascape, its bold vitality spellbinding.

French Super-Blue Lavender. This traditional herbal has a dark-blue color and intense floral flavor. It is prized by Brigitte, Mike's French wife. The lavender flavor in this tea is quite strong, so if you are a huge fan of lavender flowers and not of caffeine, then this is the tea for you. 

    Rose Scented is beautiful blend of large leaf Ceylon and Keemun tea scented with rose oil and rosebuds. The scent alone makes a tin of this tea memorable. The addition of pink rosebuds lends a romantic touch to this fine tea.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    May 14th, 15th: New Spring Teas!

    Snow Dragon 2011 Like the first flowers poking up through the snow in New England, this was the first tea of the new season. Snow Dragon Tea is light and sweet and quite pleasing to the eye as well.  It s Downy whit tips and light green leaves give this tea wonderful balance of white tea sweetness and body worthy of a delightful green.

    Bi Lo Chun 2011 is a frizzy white and green tea curl made by hand on Dongting Island in Jiansu Province. It is light in body and has wonderful light floral aromas, possibly from the surrounding orange trees. 

    Namring Upper 1st Flush 2011 This is from the upper part of this huge tea estate. It is a great First Flush Darjeeling from a banner year. A true delight, this tea is light in body, incredibly flavorful and very fragrant. let the freshness of the aromas transport you to the lovely mountains of Darjeeling. 

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Flight of Teas! May 7th and 8th!

    In honor of the Harneys return from they're sourceing trip, for this weekend's flight we will have teas from three of the many gardens which they visited!

               Fresh Mejiawu drank in the traditional way, loose in a glass, from Hangzou, China.
    Meijiawu Lung Ching is an early spring tea. It has similar characteristics to our regular Lung Ching, but the process of hand pressing the leaves in woks rather than by machinery leaves the teas with a sweeter, fresher flavor of young spring grass. One of our top Chinese green teas, This tea rouses one's tastebuds in the most savory of all ways with steamed bok choy and toasted nuts coming to mindAfter tasting many Lung Chings while in Hangzhou, China, this stood out universally. It is a very elegant Lung Ching that is really from Meijiawu District. The brew is a light and clean flavor with a nice body.

    Okayti 1st Flush Darjeeling is light citrusy and fruity in aroma, the liquor is a light bronze and  emits flavors of toasted almonds and dried apricots. A true delight for lovers of Darjeeling teas, this brew has a bright and fresh quality given its astringency. One is sure to enjoy the sensational flavors of Citrius fruits!

    Assam Tea going through the different
    stages of the oxidation process

    Mangalam Broken Assam is a vibrant broken leaf tea. Perfect for mornings, this Mangalam has a good briskness and body, yet it is still an elegant tea. This would be a the tea that we will drink most mornings (with or without milk or sugar).