Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flight of Teas! May 21st & 22nd: Bring in the Flowers!

In honor of the spring rains we've been getting, we wanted to share with you some of our floral teas, in anticipation of the flowers that are popping up!

Chinese Flower is a Green Tea with Flowers and Lemon. A reinvigoration of the senses. Flawlessly blended of hand plucked Chinese green tea, three types of flowers and citrus flavors, Chinese Flower yields the most high-caliber tea experience. A synergy between tea, flower and fruit, every part gorgeously synchronized - crisp citrus aroma that bursts and floral notes that woo, Chinese Flower grasps the sensations. It is a rare jewel in the teascape, its bold vitality spellbinding.

French Super-Blue Lavender. This traditional herbal has a dark-blue color and intense floral flavor. It is prized by Brigitte, Mike's French wife. The lavender flavor in this tea is quite strong, so if you are a huge fan of lavender flowers and not of caffeine, then this is the tea for you. 

    Rose Scented is beautiful blend of large leaf Ceylon and Keemun tea scented with rose oil and rosebuds. The scent alone makes a tin of this tea memorable. The addition of pink rosebuds lends a romantic touch to this fine tea.

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