Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flight of Teas! May 7th and 8th!

In honor of the Harneys return from they're sourceing trip, for this weekend's flight we will have teas from three of the many gardens which they visited!

           Fresh Mejiawu drank in the traditional way, loose in a glass, from Hangzou, China.
Meijiawu Lung Ching is an early spring tea. It has similar characteristics to our regular Lung Ching, but the process of hand pressing the leaves in woks rather than by machinery leaves the teas with a sweeter, fresher flavor of young spring grass. One of our top Chinese green teas, This tea rouses one's tastebuds in the most savory of all ways with steamed bok choy and toasted nuts coming to mindAfter tasting many Lung Chings while in Hangzhou, China, this stood out universally. It is a very elegant Lung Ching that is really from Meijiawu District. The brew is a light and clean flavor with a nice body.

Okayti 1st Flush Darjeeling is light citrusy and fruity in aroma, the liquor is a light bronze and  emits flavors of toasted almonds and dried apricots. A true delight for lovers of Darjeeling teas, this brew has a bright and fresh quality given its astringency. One is sure to enjoy the sensational flavors of Citrius fruits!

Assam Tea going through the different
stages of the oxidation process

Mangalam Broken Assam is a vibrant broken leaf tea. Perfect for mornings, this Mangalam has a good briskness and body, yet it is still an elegant tea. This would be a the tea that we will drink most mornings (with or without milk or sugar).

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