Friday, November 9, 2012

Flight of Teas! November 10th and November 11th

Emeric Harney, our GM and third generation-Harney, has returned from an inspiring trip to Japan. In excitement over his return, we are celebrating with a flight of teas inspired by his journey! Come try our green flight of Matsuda's Sencha, Kukicha, and Tokyo Blend. 

Matsuda's Sencha embraces everything a cup of green tea should be: rich aroma, flavor, and history. A great tea man, Matsuda-san, and his family's hard work come through with the perfect picked leaves of this Japanese tea.

Though green teas are typically know for their caffeine-levels, Kukicha is lower in caffeine due to its leaves being the stalks, which carry less in regards to the brewed leaves. With a mellow flavor, this tea has created a large fan-base, providing a gentler vegetal flavor and yellow body that tea drinkers indulge in.

We take our classic Bancha tea and add flavors inspired by Japan's capital city, Tokyo. With toasted sesame seeds and caramel, this light-bodied brew is reminiscent of some of the most exquisite desserts Japan has to offer. 

Roppongi Hills Dean & DeLuca Tasting Event

Matsuda's Garden

Japanese tea masters Tsuyoshi-san and Matsuda-san.

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