Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flight of Teas! February 18th & 19th

This weekend, we are celebrating African teas again! Emeric Harney has returned from his journey to Africa; we want all of our tea fans to have a taste of his experience with us! We will be serving Livingstonia, Kenya Milima, & Organic Rooibos.

This tea, picked from Tanzania, is named after famous explorer David Livingstone. Livingstonia is a full leaf tea that has body and aroma similar to high grown Ceylon. Its brew is light and lovely; perfect for those tea drinkers who would prefer a less bitter black tea.

Being Africa's most elegant tea, Kenya Milima has large leaves that are full of golden tips. This black tea is also a lighter brew, but has a flavor that is reminiscent of an Assam. Mellow yet awakening, Kenya Milima can be enjoyed in the morning or the afternoon, appreciated by those who don't want the strongest cup, but the still the best.

A popular herbal, Rooibos contains no caffeine naturally. Its name translates to "Red Bush," coming from South Africa. Creating a beautiful red-colored brew, the flavor ends with a slight sweet note. Rooibos is said to contain health properties, but should be consumed just on how smooth its flavor is. We use Rooibos as the base of our popular Herbal Blends such as Herbal Hot Cinnamon and Herbal Holiday.

Emeric standing in front of a tea estate.

Endless amounts of tea!

Gisovu Tea Estate in Rwanda

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