Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flight of Green Teas! November 5th & 6th

Even though everyone is seeing white from the snowstorm that passed last Saturday, here at the shop we are seeing green! Come by this weekend to try our Green Tea Flight: Taiping Houkui, Anji Baicha, and Matsuda's Sencha. 

Made in the Yellow mountains of the Anhui Province, Taiping Houkui goes through a special process that actually stretches its leaves out. The leaves, bright with a green color have a heavier body than other greens due to its level of Theanine (an amino acid.) 

Anji Baicha is booming with flavors of asparagus and citrus notes. This tea is intriguing because the word "Baicha" refers to a special tea plant to make this tea, and the first couple of leaves are whiter than the norm. While there may be less chlorophyll in the younger leaves, this Chinese green from Zhejiang holds a strong green flavor!

Being Mike Harney's favorite Japanese tea, Matsuda's Sencha will not disappoint anyone's taste buds.  With an intense kick of vegetal and grassy, even the aristocrats of Japan enjoy this specific Sencha. 

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