Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flight of Teas! November 19th & 20th!

Attention tea drinkers! This weekend we are featuring a flight of teas that will entice your taste buds! We will be serving Li Shan, Kagoshima, and Hao Ya "A."

Being one of Taiwan's highest mountain teas, Li Shan is an oolong that battles colder climates with snow and mists. Because of this, the brew has an aroma that is creamy and vegetal with delicate flavors of honey. Not only is Li Shan light and refreshing, its leaves can also be re-steeped, for multiple, enjoyable brews!

One of the top Sencha's from southern Japan, Kagoshima has a mouth-filling flavor that is vegetal, sweet, and bitter. Its brew almost resembles a yellow color, while the tea itself  is light. For green tea lovers and newcomers, Kagoshima will definitely spark the palette! 

Hao Ya 'A' is the one of our most intense Chinese Keemun teas, filled with toasty flavors and notes of chocolate. Not too heavy in body, this Keemun is the perfect black tea to start your morning or enjoy in the afternoon. A trip to the city of Keemun was a highlight of Mike Harney's trip, as he was there for the start of the Hao Ya 'A' season.

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