Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flight of Teas! March 24th & 25th

Hello tea drinkers, though last weekend our taste buds ventured to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, this weekend let your palette travel to the Fujian Province in China with our Panyang black teas. We will be featuring a flight of Panyang Golden Tips, Panyang Golden Needle, and Panyang Congou.

This medium-bodied black tea has gentle honey notes with a smooth finish. Panyang Golden Tips is 100% golden tips, coming from Northern Fujian. It is different than last year's version due to weather problems, making the overall brew less sweet than the last. Though Panyang Golden Tips may be less sweet than before, it still a delicious top black tea to try!

Panyang Golden Needle is a heavier brew with a unique look. The leaves are straightened out and have a shine due to a rolling process involving the tips of gold. Panyang Golden Needle has cooked honey flavors and a stronger bite to it.

Made in the Northern Fujian Province, (like our Golden Monkey and Panyang Golden Tips,) Panyang Congou creates a toasty brew with a medium body. Though it is made in the same area as the golden teas, Panyang Congou is created in a more traditional style with less tips and is slightly older. Expertly crafted, the leaves are rolled into a twist before slowly oxidizing, creating a flavor reminiscent of baked apples.

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