Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flight of Teas! January 21st & 22nd

This weekend, indulge in our flight of teas from China. We will be serving Hunan Yellow Sprouts, Lung Ching, and Gunpowder Green at the tasting bar.

This yellow tea has a brew that is light with a hint of fruit flavor to it. Hunan Yellow Sprout develops these delicate but delicious flavors during its yellowing process, where the leaves are slowly oxidized. Though it brews a light body, Hunan Yellow Sprout is appreciated by all kinds of tea drinkers.

Being one of China's most famous green teas, Lung Ching creates a brew that is light, sweet, and carries nutty aromas. Being made in the early spring, this green tea is perfect for an admirer of a traditional green tea, but does not always enjoy too intense of a flavor. 

Gunpowder Green tea is a traditional Chinese tea that gets its name from the rolled leaf balls that mimic a gun pellet. Also, the tea brews a slightly smoky flavor. Gunpowder is the perfect tea for this time of year;  indulge in this lighter smoky brew on a foggy, cloudy January day or even just enjoy a cup at breakfast!

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