Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flight of Teas! January 28th & 29th

Hello again, tea drinkers! This weekend we will be enjoying a flight of Chinese greens: Jin Shan, Huang Shao Mao Feng, & Hunan Mao Jian.

Jin Shan Green, a leaf grown on high elevations in the northern Aheijiang Province, carries a lighter brew with vegetal notes. The leaves themselves are quite a character, being tiny green and white curls with a kiss of frizz. Jin Shan is a good choice for those who are just entering the world of green teas, due to its subtle but acknowledgeable aroma and brew.

This Chinese green explains its story right in its name: Huang Shan Mao Feng (Yellow Mountains, Spring tea.) Though it is a spring tea, it is actually picked a little later in the season. With aromas that are vegetal and slightly floral, Huang Shan Mao Feng has a flavor that is reminiscent of toasted pecans. 

Hunan Mao Jian was discovered in an organic tea garden in the Hunan province, when on the hunt for a tea that wasn't too similar to Gunpowder Green or Chun Mee. This green carries aromas that are stronger than some Chinese greens with a slightly heavier brew. It is picked later in the season, so it is not uncommon for its leaves to be darker with its vegetal, almost "soy sauce-like" aroma.

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