Friday, January 13, 2012

Flight of Teas! January 14th & 15th

Hello all! This weekend we are recognizing the Chinese New Year which falls on January 23rd. Being the year of the dragon, we are celebrating by serving a flight of exquisite Chinese Greens: Anji Baicha, Snow Dragon, and Bi Lo Chun.

This Chinese green is loaded with flavors of asparagus and citrus notes. Anji Baicha not only is a delight on the palette, but an inspiration for some. This green was the tea to get Emeric Harney interested in the family business, when discovered on a buying trip! This tea has less chlorophyll than others, while some of the first leaves actually hold a white color.

Not only are the leaves themselves a beauty, Snow Dragon is a Chinese green that produces a beautiful brew that is light, ethereal, and sweet. This tea was the first picked of the new season, and is a perfect match for the Chinese New Year!

This green tea has frizzy white and green curls that are handmade on Dongting Island, in the Jiansu Province. Also a lighter green, Bi Lo Chun has a delightful floral aroma and delicate brew.

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