Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flight of Teas! August 4th & August 5th

Hello tea fans, this weekend we are feeling the spirit of the Olympic games with our flight of England-themed teas! Get your taste buds into the game at our tasting bar, featuring Royal Wedding, Tower of London, & Diamond Jubilee!

In honor of the famous wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Historic Royal Palaces commissioned us to create a blend to celebrate the happy occasion. Royal Wedding is a blend of Mutan white tea, almond, coconut, vanilla, and pink rosebuds. Also blended with marigold petals and cornflowers, Royal Wedding's flavors take your taste buds to a place of classical romance. It is available in 30 count sachets and also loose leaf behind our tasting bar.

With flavors reminiscent of Elizabethan preserves, Tower of London is one of our more flavorful black tea blends. With a base black tea of Black Currant, a fruity black tea, we have stirred in rich Bergamot of Earl Grey and honey accents to create a bold but enjoyable afternoon tea. Our Paris blend lovers won't want to miss out on this tea!

Introducing one of our newest blends, Diamond Jubilee. Created in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her accession to the throne 60 years ago, we have created a black tea blend of Earl Grey and grapefruit. A classic mixed with refreshing citrus, Diamond Jubilee is available in our HRP tins and loose behind the bar, for all ways of indulgence!

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