Friday, July 20, 2012

Flight of Teas! July 21st & 22nd

Hello again, tea lovers! This weekend our taste buds are traveling to China to indulge in some delicious green teas. Come taste our Taiping Houkui, Jin Shan, and Anji Baicha.

Made in the Yellow Mountains of the Anhui Province, Taiping Houkui is a Chinese green packed with theanine (an amino acid) giving the leaves a rich green color and stronger flavor than other teas. In a special process, the big leaves are stretched out creating a light, flat leaf with a fuller body.

This mixture of white and green teas wonderfully twisted together is known as Jin Shan. Being an early season tea, this Chinese green carries a good mouthful of flavor with a hint of sweetness. In preparation, the leaves are only finished in a wok, making the vegetal flavor noticeable immediately when tasting.

Coming from the northern Zhejiang Province, Anji Baicha is a delectable Chinese green with rich flavors of citrus and asparagus. The first few leaves of this tea come out whiter in color, with less chlorophyll in the young leaves. 

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