Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flight of Iced Teas! July 28th & July 29th

As we reach the end of July, we will celebrate these warm, sunny days with a flight of iced teas! Come visit our tasting bar this weekend and try iced Jasmine, Indian Spice, & Passion Plum Herbal.

We take a Pouchong tea, which is slightly darker in leaf color than green tea, and blend fresh jasmine flowers to create our classic Jasmine tea. This light and floral tea is excellent over ice, garnished with a drop of honey or lemon.

With CTC Assam as its base tea, Indian Spice is our version of a Chai blend. Commonly, Chai teas are taken with milk and sugar, and our strong kick of black tea, cardamom and other zingy spices will be excellent hot or cold.

This tisane is a flavorful, caffeine free brew complimented with flavors of tart fruits like plum and fresh ginseng. Organic Passion Plum is the perfect iced tea for a picnic or summertime dessert.

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