Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flight of Teas! August 11th & August 12th

Hello, hello tea fans! This weekend our taste buds are taking a trip to China, indulging in our newest green teas. Come join us at our tasting bar to try our new Weishan MaoFeng, Zisun, and Luan GuaPian.

Found in the back of the Buddhist temple in Weishan, a fabulous spring green was discovered. With a hint of roast flavors and light brew, Weishan MaoFeng is a delicate but delicious Chinese green to try.

Mike Harney has been a fan of green teas that come from the coastal province of Zhejiang, where Zisun, one of our newest greens was found! Being a spring tea, it also brews lightly, but carries a noticeable flavor.  

Considered one of the top ten green teas in China, Luan GuaPian comes from the Anhui Province, supplied by VeeVee, a friend of the Harney's. This tea creates a stronger cup in comparison to the previous two, and brews lovely vegetal flavors.

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