Friday, August 17, 2012

Flight of Iced Teas! August 18th & August 19th

Tea fans, we recognize the mornings are getting cooler, and as the summer's hottest month starts wiping its brow, this weekend's flight is inspired by one of the biggest traditions on a summer's night: campfires. Stop by our tasting bar and try what we find to be the flavors of a campfire, White Vanilla Grapefruit, Lapsang #1, and Chocolate Mint.

Sweets are crucial while sitting around the fire, such as the classic, marshmallows! Taken by the idea of a sweet flavor, White Vanilla Grapefruit is a white-based tea that has the sweet bite one enjoys. When brewed, the aroma of vanilla is stronger while a kiss of citrus lingers. There is a suggestive flavor of chocolate, and this tea may be lighter in brew but is rememberable in taste.

Lapsang #1 is an early season Lapsang Souchang, with smoky aromas but an overall sweeter flavor  than the traditional later season tea. The leaves are smoked over pine fires in the Wuyi Mountains of China, and this tea couldn't be a better pick for our campfire-inspired flight!

After a delicious barbecue dinner, there is nothing better than some chocolate to cleanse the palette and bring a smile to your soul. We have chosen Chocolate Mint to represent the sweets enjoyed around the fire, from s'mores to hot cocoa. In this tea blend, fresh peppermint leaves are tossed in to black tea accented with chocolate oils. Hot or iced, Chocolate Mint is the perfect after-dinner or after-barbecue tea!

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