Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flight of Iced Teas! August 25th & August 26th

Hello, again! This weekend is the last weekend of August, and before we say goodbye to the sunny summer days, we are squeezing in one fresh iced tea flight this weekend! Come feel refreshed with our flight of iced Japanese Sencha, iced Wenshan Baozhong, and iced Korakundah FOP.

This Japanese green can be found in many homes in Tokyo. Japanese Sencha is a quality green, with just the right amount of vegetal flavor and body. 

Wenshan Baozhong is an oolong that's hometown is all about teas: PingLing, Taiwan. Having tea museums, teapots on streetlights, and statues of tea pickers, PingLing also has a nature preserve that we feel we can taste through our Wenshan. A lighter brew with floral notes in the aroma and the body, this oolong is an excellent choice for any oolong lover, or beginner.

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Korakundah FOP is a black tea from the south of India. It is a traditional black tea; garnish this iced with lemon and it will be your new favorite iced tea!

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