Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flight of Teas! April 9th and 10th!

This weekend we are presenting staff favorites. Our employee, Jelani, has chosen his favorite  teas to share with you!

A rare white tea with a light, sweet, sublime flavor. This tea is plucked and made just for us. These are the terminal buds of the tea bushes grown high in Ceylon. They are handled carefully so the bud remains whole and will become silvery. Since there is no leaf, there is no traditional tea flavor, it yields a natural honey and maple-like sweetness.

The full leaves of premium Ti Quan Yin oolong are deliciously infused with tangy pomegranate to create this inspiring yet complex full-bodied blend that brews into a sweetly fragrant, silky textured cup of tea.  The Ti Quan Yin oolong used is named after the Chinese “Goddess of Mercy.” Legend tells of the goddess leading a devout farmer to a tiny, yet intriguingly aromatic tea plant that he nurtured and shared among neighbors with prosperity soon following. An ideal light brew that also tastes amazing iced!

A beautiful blend of chamomile flowers, rosebuds, cornflowers and orange peel, infused with natural citrus flavor, which creates a surprisingly refreshing caffeine-free beverage.  Perfect for those who have a caffine sensitivity, this refreshing herbal is one colorful cup!

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