Friday, April 22, 2011

Flight of Teas! April 23rd and 24th!

This week we will be offering a selection of our Tea consultant Sarah's favorites for you!

Fenghuang Shuixian is a beautifully twisted Chinese Oolong, with deep browns and hints of russet. When brewed, the tea has a light roasted spice quality and lovely fruity bright peach flavors which overlay a pleasing, spicy astringency. The flavors in this tea are very active, seeming almost effervescent at times. When tasting this tea, the development of the flavor from brilliant peach to toasty subtle spice are quite enjoyable. This tea is created by the artisans high above the city of Fenghuang China and is a favorite of Mike Harney. He enjoys seeing how they transform the big leaves into twists of brown sepia.

Risheehat 2nd Flush Darjeeling is a great second flush Darjeeling. Full of body yet balanced. Capable of standing up to milk, if you take your tea that way. Interestingly, this tea is from “China” tea bushes, meaning the plant stock is descended from Chinese bushes taken to India over 150 years ago. 

Bangkok (Green Tea with Thai flavors) The rich flavors of Thailand are the inspiration for this tasty blend. It is a combination of green tea, lemongrass, vanilla, coconut and ginger. It is a tribute to one of the world's great cuisines. So please come in and enjoy this weeks flight!

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  1. Wuyi Shuixian are rock grown mostly for the wild ancient one, and common FH SX is soil grown. Except for the high elevation ancient trees.
    Escorts in London