Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flight of Teas! April 16th and 17th!

This week we will be offering a selection of tea consultant Lizz's favorites for you!

Gyokuro is one of Uji’s most famous teas. Japanese aristocrats have sipped this shade-grown tea for centuries. The dark green tea makes for a very special cup. Judging the gentle differences that shade growing makes requires careful attention. Though Gyokuro grows partially in the shade, and Sencha teas grow in the sun, both are processed the same way. The leaves therefore resemble each other closely, both in appearance and in taste. The shade covering of Gyokuro accounts for a subtly lusher, darker, more mouth-coating tea with flavors of the freshest steamed spinach, and toasted walnuts. This tea has a brothy, textural quality that coats the mouth. This tea also embodies a umami, which to the Japanese is like a sixth sense. 

Ti Quan Yin is a classic lightly oxidized oolong that can yeild a floral and buttery steep that at times can border on fruity. This delicious tea is a great value. We search through all of Anxi to find a tea that captures the high floral notes and has nice body, but not too expensive. Its tiny greenish balls can be re-brewed several times. 

NEW!  Golden Snail is a terrific Chinese black tea from the Hubei Province.  It has curls of dark and gold tea leaves, thus reminding one of snails. We can assure you that no snails are used or hurt with this tea. The dark cocoa and sweet flavors bring to mind chocolate. Golden Snail is already a hit, so we invite you to try this newcomer to the Harney line-up.

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