Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flight of Teas! April 2nd and 3rd!

This weekend we are presenting staff favorites. Our employee, Celia, has chosen her favorite  teas to share with all of you!

Scent of Mountains

Scent of Mountains is a Japanese Sencha (green tea) that is aptly named as it grows in the village of Kawane, which is one of the highest tea-growing spots in Japan. The cooler and foggier atmosphere of the high altitude forces the tea to grow slower, resulting in a lovely vegetal aroma and taste. The body is clean and crisp while a pleasant salty grassiness arrives at the finish. For lovers of Japanese Senchas, this tea is a must!

Dong Ding Dark
An oolong finished with a charcoal roast, Dong Ding Dark has a unique smokiness that is quite different from that of teas such as Da Hong Pao and Lapsang Souchong. Celia describes this smokiness as "ashtray-like," and though she is not a smoker, she very much enjoys this prevalent quality of Dong Ding Dark. As the name would suggest, this oolong lies within the darker part of the oolong tea spectrum.

A blend of black teas blended in honor of Malachi McCormick, Irish-blooded author of "A Decent Cup Of Tea," which concerns the difficulties of finding well prepared tea in hotels. Malachi McCormick (the tea) is a wonderfully smooth cup of tea which is void of any bitterness or astringency, and is equally delicious with or without milk and or sugar. This tea reminds Celia, who lived in London for many years, of "a good ol' cuppa."

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