Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flight of teas! March 19th and 20th!

This weekend we will be hosting a book signing and lecture by Sarah Rose author of the book For all the Tea in China! Come on in and enjoy one of our flight of teas inspired by the week's events!

for all the tea in china
Book Signing and Tea Lecture:
Sarah Rose 
Author of "For All the Tea in China"

Sunday March 20th 3pm-5pm

 For All the Tea in China tells the story of Robert Fortune, the nineteenth-century
Scottish botanist who, in stealing 
tea plants and seeds from China, committed 
"the greatest act of industrial espionage in history."

Guy Raz, of National Public Radio's All Things Considered, called it "a wonderful combination of scholarship and storytelling," and the Associated Press said it was "a story that should appeal to readers who want to be transported on a historic journey laced with suspense, science and adventure."

Sarah Rose will be joining us for an hour long discussion about her book and Chinese teas.  Afterwards she will be available for 
one-on-one questions while signing her book!

The function of this weekend's flight is twofold: Chinese Panyang Congou and Indian CTC Assam to help us demonstrate Robert Fortune's handiwork and Scent of Mountain Sencha to keep our dear friends from Japan in our thoughts.  

Sencha Scent of Mountains comes from high above Kakegawa, where our Ichiban Sencha comes from, is the village of Kawane. It is one of the highest tea growing spots in Japan. Up there, its cooler and foggier, so the tea grows slower and has a lovely vegetal aroma. This tea has been steamed for the traditional time (just 30 seconds), so the tea leaves are larger than the Ichiban, which is deep-steamed. We choose this in homage to all those in Japan and the terrible tragedy that the country is facing. 

Panyang Congou,  those who prefer full-bodied British Legacy teas with toasty flavors will find much to like in Panyang Congou. From the same area in northern Fujian province, Panyang Congou is a close relative of Panyang Golden Needle and Golden Monkey but slightly older and made in a more traditional style, with the least amount of tips. Congou is a corruption of the Chinese words Gong Fu, or Kung Fu, which mean “Highest Mastery.” A tea trade classification for Chinese black teas with this particular twisted shape, the word refers to the masterful skill required to produce the teas by hand. Today, the teas are made almost entirely by machine. The leaves are expertly rolled into a tight twist before slowly oxidizing to take on the fruity but unsweetened flavors of baked apples and spring hay.

Assam "CTC" has a striking amber color, rich flavor and full body as well. It is a key ingredient in several of our blends, including the East Frisian and Indian Spice. It takes milk and sugar and can also be enjoyed solo. An “espresso-style” fully astringent tea! 

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