Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flight of Teas! May 5th & May 6th

Happy May, tea fans! Spring has sprung and with this season of new beginnings, we are serving a flight of teas featuring two new kinds! This weekend, our taste buds venture to Africa, enjoying a flight of Kenya Milima, Kangaita OP, and Kaimosi CTC.

Reminiscent of a lovely assam, Kenya Milima can be considered one of Africa's most elegant teas. Its leaves, larger in size, are packed with golden tips creating a lighter body and more mellow brew.

One of our newest teas, Kangaita OP is a rare find. It is harder to locate an African tea with full leaves, and Kangaita OP with its sweeter flavor was an instant gratification when searching for tea. This black tea is full bodied, similar to some of our Ceylons.

Our new Kaimosi CTC comes from the Kaimosi Estate, located between Lake Victoria and the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This tea creates a dark, red brew similar to our CTC Assam. Kaimosi CTC is given three times as much time to oxidize, so though it is similar to the CTC Assam, it does not have as strong of a bite! 

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