Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flight of Teas! May 19th & May 20th

Hello again, tea drinkers! This weekend, stop by the tasting bar to try out some of our newer teas featured in our flight Saturday and Sunday: Jasmine Silver Needle, our new Puttabong First Flush, and our new Amba Ceylon.

This white tea, stretched out like Chinese Silver Needle, is flavored with jasmine flowers to create Jasmine Silver Needle. Its brew is on the lighter side (especially in comparison to our Dragon Pearl Jasmine,) and is the perfect hint of floral flavor. 

Becoming a fast favorite, our new Puttabong 1st Flush Clonal is a Darjeeling that is greener in color and lighter in brew. The word "clonal" describes the type of leaf, which creates the excellent floral essence this tea produces. Fans of Darjeelings and those of even green teas will fall in love with the refreshing, light cup Puttabong makes!

This tea was discovered from a group of Sri Lankan women, creating hand-made teas. The interesting part about Amba Ceylon is the use of tea flowers as the final product in the tea, which is a rare occurrence in the tea world! Amba's big leaves create a slightly sweet brew, finishing with floral notes from the flowers. When indulging in this tea, keep in mind not only its excellent taste, but how it helps those 6 Sri Lanken women and their tiny tea farm. 

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