Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flight of Teas! May 12th & May 13th

"And yet of all the home remedies, a good wife and mother is still the best." Kin Hubbard.

This weekend, we are appreciating mothers everywhere with a themed flight to celebrate Mother's Day. Come and enjoy our Pomegranate Oolong, Paris, and Mother's Bouquet tea.

This time of year, our palettes welcome crisp and refreshing flavors that awaken our senses and welcome the blooming season. Pomegrante Oolong is based with our Ti Quan Yin, a spring floral Oolong, that creates a silky brew with tangy flavors. 

In homage to Paris, France where Mike Harney enjoyed many tea shops, he created Paris tea. Its blend of fruity black tea, bergamot, and vanilla is reminiscent of one of the more popular teas in the city of lights! Now also available in decaf, this blend is suited for any tea drinker.

This herbal blend of chamomile, rosebuds, cornflowers, and orange peel infused with orange peel is the perfect tea for Mother's Day or any time you think of Mom! Mother's Bouquet creates a warming yet refreshing cup that's brew is mellow and gentle. Any kind of mother will love this tea this holiday.

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