Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 4th & 5th: Tippy Teas!

This weekend we wanted to share with you a variety of tippy teas!  Natural sweetness (glucose) comes from the tips or buds in tea.  Stop by for a taste of these smooth, tasty brews!

Ceylon Silver Tips is a white tea that only has buds.  The cup is light and sweet, characterized by green grapes, apples with a hint of jasmine at the finish.

Java Golden Blend is a new tea for Harney and Sons. This Indonesian tea has beautiful small leaves with lots of golden tips. The brew is round, malty and sweet.

Assam Golden Tips is a delicious Assam, rare to come by.  Without the addition of leaves this tea doesn't have the darker, roasted notes typically found in it's family.  Instead there's a buttery caramel, slightly malty flavor, accented by hints of delightfully sweet mangos and papaya.

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