Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flight of Teas! June 18th and 19th; 2011 Crop Chinese Greens!

Spring is almost over, but that means that 2011 crop teas are starting to arrive!  This weekend we're happy to present three delicious teas from Zhejiang province in China: Jin Shan, Anji Baicha &  Meijiawu Lung Ching.

Jin Shan's bushes thrive in the cool mountains that separate Zhejiang from Anhui province.  This tea has some unique sweet qualities, notes of honey & orange blossoms.  This year's crop is deliciously ethereal.  Come for a taste while it's at its freshest!

Anji Baicha is a recent addition to the tea world, within the last two decades.  It's a leaf and bud tea, almost needle like.  Mike & Emeric were instantly drawn to this tea for its strong vegetal aromas and ephemeral sweetness.  Truly a delight for your tastebuds.

Miejiawu Lung Ching is from just outside of West Lake.   The original 7 tea plants are said to have originated in this township.  Fired and pressed initially by machine (for about 15 minutes) Meijiawu is finished by hand.  This yields in a clean cup of tea, reminiscent of toasted leeks with a nutty aftertaste.

Throughout the weekend, Emeric will be preparing these gong fu method alongside the regular flight.  Mike Harney will also be here on Saturday, so be sure to stop by and say, "Hi!"

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