Friday, June 24, 2011

Flight of Teas! June 25th and 26th! Refreshing Iced Teas

(*all teas will be served iced.)

Fight the humidity this weekend with another variation of iced teas!

Citron green is often recommended to those interested in entering the world of green tea. While some are interested in the benefits that green tea has, the grassy, vegetal flavor is not the easiest to develop a palette for. Citron green's delectable orange flavor sets the bar for a refreshing tea both hot and iced - whether it's your first green tea or your 100th.

Our Soba tea is a roasted buckwheat and is caffeine free. One of Mrs. Harney's favorites, the flavor is lightly sweet and toasty. Roasted buckwheat may not sound as the most common iced beverage, but its unique flavor create a smooth and tasty drink. 

Midsummer's Peach is a decaffeinated Chinese black tea blended with juicy peach flavor. One of summer's favorite fruit, Midsummer's Peach is a very popular iced tea. Garnish with lemon or enjoy just the way it is, this iced black tea will quench your thirst and set the perfect tone for a summer afternoon.


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