Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flight of teas! January 22nd & 23rd!

This weekend we are presenting a flight of our freshest Assam teas. These are some of the finest black teas from northeast India, the high rainfall and Brahmaputra river give this region a very wet growing season known for their larger leaves and fuller bodied flavor, slight maltiness (similar of a good beer) and wonderful sweeter notes of honey. .  The Region has increased the quality of production dramatically over the past thirty years. We are very pleased with these fresh additions to our collection of pure estate teas.  Assams exemplify the truest forms of the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars that require heat, similar to caramelization These strong black teas are delicious alone or with milk and sugar!

Golden Tip Assam is a the lightest and sweetness of the flight this weekend with golden tips (or in the case of this Assam, purely the tips). 
Nahorabi Full Leaf Assam has a slightly lighter body than the Mangalam broken, with some more toasted malt and cooked honey notes.

Mangalam Broken Assam is a vibrant broken leaf tea. Robust and perfect for mornings, this tea has both briskness and body, slightly more astringent that the golden tips and Nahorabi full. A sophisticated mixture of strength and dark honey flavors.  The more a leaf gets broken apart, the more intense and robust the flavors can be.


  1. The Golden Tip Assam is a real rarity and a special treat. It's also very unusual among black teas in that it can be steeped several times. The last time I had it, I got four or five good steeps. Thank you, dear Harneys, for making this tea available. It's my eight-year-old daughter's favorite! (Yeah, she's a tea freak like her dad.)