Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flight of teas! January 15th & 16th!

This weekend we are presenting a flight (or Safari) of African teas. Stay warm with a cup of of our teas from Africa and explore the wide range of flavors inherent to this emerging tea producing continent The British brought tea to Southwestern Kenya while it was still a colony in the early 19oo's and since, the industry has grown to be the fourth largest tea producing nation after China, India, and Sri Lanka. Africa also has its own native “tea” called Rooibos or red bush. The leaves are harvested in the summer only, as compared to the multiple seasonal pickings of "Camellia Sinensis,"  what we call tea.  

Organic Rooibos is a delicious, caffeine free, herbal tea. Rooibos is from South Africa and translates to mean "red bush" While infused like tea, this herbal brews a slightly sweet beverage with a deep red color.

NEW! Livingstonia GFOP is a Tanzanian black tea named for the explorer David Livingstone. This is a full leaf tea that is reminiscent of a high-grown Ceylon. The brew is light and lively with great brisk flavors.

Kenya Milima is one of Africa's finest black teas. The leaves are big and loaded with golden tips, reminiscent of Assam teas, yielding a mellow, almost sweet brew that is medium to full in body. "Milima" is Swahili for "In a high place" Grown in the Kenyan Highlands, more than six thousand feet above sea level. This tea is a classic strong "wake up" tea. 

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