Thursday, January 27, 2011

Events and Flight of teas! January 29th & 30th!

James Norwood Pratt is visiting Soho, NY

James Norwood Pratt with
John Harney & Michael Harney

Saturday, January 29th
Guided tasting at noon
General tastings all day long

James Norwood Pratt was one of the seminal people in the Tea Revolution (different than the current Tea Party) back in the 1980s. Another one was our founder John Harney. We're mixing these two gents together and expect great results.

Michael and John Harney will join James Norwood Pratt behind the tasting bar to drink and discuss and answer questions about the world of tea. Since all three are authors, they will be signing books as well.

The New Tea Lover's Treasury is "... probably the best single book on tea available on the market. It is a slim volume that instructs both novice and connoisseur alike. Written in an entertaining, discussive style with enough common sense knowledge and practicality to be a beginner's guide, it is filled with anecdotes and history enough to make a connoisseur proud. Norwood Pratt's New Treasury is probably the only book on tea you need, if you want only one." -Darrell Corti, A Tea Book for Your Library, in Corti Bros. Catalog (Winter 2001)

This weekend we will be featuring a flight of three Chinese Green teas. Gunpowder, Chun Mee and Lung Ching.

Gunpowder is a summer harvest green tea. The leaves are fixed and then fired for an extended period in a hot oven until they become shiny and slightly burnt. This tea packs a punch with its smoky and robust flavors from. China's Zhejiang Province, Gunpowder is a good everyday green tea. The tea takes its name from the rolled leaf balls that are leaden in color. Like spent gunpowder, it has a slight smoky flavor.

Chun Mee is a traditional Chinese green tea with a rich and smoky flavor, but less burnt than the Gunpowder. Our organic Chun Mee is similarly rolled and fired but with a sweeter and nuttier taste than the Gunpowder.

Lung Ching is an early picked green tea and is one of China's most famous. It is made around Hangzhou City early in the Spring. The full, green leaves make for a brew that has a mild and sweet. It emits clean vegetal notes and an almost nut-like flavor of toasted walnuts, it pours a very smooth cup

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