Friday, September 28, 2012

Flight of Teas! September 29th & September 30th

As September comes to a close, we feel that the tea drinking palette is adjusting to a colder temperature. To compliment this, we are serving three exquisite black teas this weekend. Come sample and enjoy our Panyang Golden Tips, Panyang Golden Needle, & Chocolate black tea.

With a sweet flavor reminiscent of cooked honey, Panyang Golden Tips is a Chinese black tea (coming from the northern Fujian Province) that has large leaves that are loaded with golden tips. A softer choice for a breakfast brew, this black tea is an excellent choice for the appreciative tea drinker.

Similar to Panyang Golden Tips, our Panyang Golden Needle has a flavor similar to chocolate mousse, with a smoky edge finish. Another great choice for black tea drinkers, it's less intense than a breakfast tea but still carries enough body to awaken the senses.

Sweet lovers, rejoice! We have a dessert tea that will not only calm down your sweet tooth, but can be enjoyed even as an afternoon delight. Our Chocolate tea is black-tea based with the perfect amount of chocolate flavor. 

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