Friday, September 21, 2012

Flight of Teas! September 22nd & September 23rd

Tea drinkers, it's becoming our favorite time of year! The air is a bit crisper, the winds slightly breezier, and we are excited to get back into the groove of brewed hot teas. This weekend, come by our tasting bar to try a slightly smoky flight: Wuyi Cassia, Lapsang #1, & Earl of Harlem. There's nothing better than welcoming the season of fall with some excellent black teas.

Being a darker oolong, Wuyi Cassia comes from China, specifically the Wuyi Mountain area. Its larger, twisted leaves are finished over a charcoal carrying a medium body of toasty flavors, tied with an aroma of stoned fruit.

Lapsang #1 is an early season black tea, tasting sweeter than our traditional Lapsang Souchang. Being smoked in the same way as Souchang, this black tea carries the aroma of the smoky pine fires in each cup.

The Earl of Harlem is a new take on a classic blend. This black tea holds bergamot notes of a familiar Earl Grey, but also a kiss of floral and undertones of smokiness. Without a doubt, this black tea blend doesn't only taste like home to chef Marcus Samuelsson (whom the Ambessa line was created with,) but will make any classic tea drinker's taste buds awaken.

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