Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flight of Iced Teas! June 30th & July 1st

As we say goodbye to the first month of summer, we welcome July with a flight of iced teas that are unique and refreshing. Come try iced Genmaicha, Livingstonia, & Bamboo!

Genmaicha is a green tea based blend created with the two main crops of Japanese culture: tea and rice. When the green leaves are being dried, the kernels of rice are added to the mix, sometimes popping open, adding that puffed rice look to the leaves. With the lemony note of the Bancha leaves, the rice adds a nutty, roasted flavor that calms down the vegetal kick of the green tea.

As Africa start to produce better teas, we start buying more! Livingstonia is a full leaf tea that can be reminiscent of a traditional Ceylon with its light and enjoyable brew. This tea reigns from Tanzania and was named after David Livingstone, a famous explorer who journeyed through the area between 1851 and 1873. Garnish this black tea when brewed ice with lemon or oranges to serve a fast new favorite.

Although this is not really a "tea," Bamboo is a delight to drink. Venturing through China, it is common to indulge in fresh bamboo meals. Taking the leaves that grow near the tea plantations and creating a brewed beverage is an interesting way to consume an herbal, with its crisp notes of sweet vegetables.

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