Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flight of Teas! April 21st & 22nd

Hello again, tea fans! This weekend is not only important to celebrate Earth Day, but also celebrate your love of tea. Come by the shop for our flight of teas, brewing this Saturday and Sunday: Kukicha, Ziyun Puerh, and Wild Wuyi.

The Japanese never let anything go to waste during the process of making tea, thus creating Kukicha, which is simply tea stalks. There is a lesser amount of caffeine in this Japanese green, but it brews a lovely green color with medium vegetal flavor. 

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Ziyun Pu-erh Maocha is a 2008 raw pu-erh, with sleek and wiry leaves. Producing hints of nectar during its brew, this earthy tea has a lighter body in comparison to other pu-erhs. It has a lingering mineral quality that is true to a pu-erh.

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Wild Wuyi comes from high in the Wuyi Mountains, in the same area where some of the best oolongs and Lapsangs are created. Wild tea plants with smaller golden tips is what creates this black tea. There are hints of coacoa in Wild Wuyi, with a strong body.

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