Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flight of Teas: Nov 26 - 28

This coming weekend we wanted to share some very unique Oolong teas and allow you to explore the differences between a high mountain, rolled oolong (Ali San) with inherent floral notes, an oxidized oolong (Fanciest Formosa) with natural fruity flavors and lastly a high mountain oolong that has added oils, creating new and more prominent flavors (Pomegranate Oolong).  

Ali San Oolong is a prime example of what are called high-mountain oolongs from Taiwan.  After experimenting with altitudes, growers found that higher altitudes yielded better teas.  Some say that the cooler temperatures and reduced sunshine in the misty mountains stunt the leave's growth, concentrating their flavor.  The cloud cover may also increase the amount of amino acids that give the tea its heavier, creamy body.  Whatever the reason Ali San is one of the creamiest oolongs, grown at peaks that are about 5,000 feet high.  In the liquor, notes of lime citrus and a light vegetal undertone can be found.

Fanciest Formosa Oolong has the classic peach and guava flavors characteristic of darker, more heavily oxidized oolongs.  What makes Fanciest Formosa Oolong very unique is that growers want bugs to attack and eat the plant.  What this does is force the plant to react defensively, producing more bug repellant which actually creates strong fruit flavors in the end result.  Bright, smooth and fruity, this oolong makes for a great cup of tea. 

Lastly, Pomegranate Oolong is a flavored tea of ours.  The base tea we use is a Ti Quan Yin from China and with that, we add in natural and essential Pomegranate flavors.  We chose this tea to show the differences between flavored oolongs and natural flavors occurring within oolongs. 

Come on in for a taste!

Your Harney SoHo Tea Consultants

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